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Compliance Solutions

Organization Compliance

Organization Compliance is the key to a legally secure and transparent structure of your company organization.

Transparent and legally secure organizational structure

Establishing a legally secure digital compliance organization is the basis for establishing a new culture of responsibility. This creates a sense of purpose for compliance in your company and makes the importance of legally secure actions clear to your employees.

Eticor is your trusted partner. We are experts in building digital compliance organizations and organizing your legally required roles and responsibilities as well as those within your company in a legally compliant manner. This enables you to act in a compliant manner and prevent organizational negligence.

Your advantages

  • Preventing organizational negligence due to legally compliant delegation
  • Transparency due to clear structures and responsibilities within the organization
  • Efficiency due to clear role descriptions and easy to understand tasks
  • Up-to-dateness due to digitization

Eticor Organization Audit

We identify the existing departments, roles and functions in your company and compare them with the legal requirements. Subsequently, you will receive comprehensive consulting and specific instructions on how to set up your organizational structure in a legally compliant manner.

Eticor roles

The key to a legally compliant organizational structure is to know and understand all the requirements for legally mandated departments, roles and functions, and to implement them in a compliant manner. Our team of experts translates the requirements for you into easy to understand tasks and makes them available to you digitally in the Eticor compliance management software, including role descriptions


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