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New Work

New Work corporate culture

Our team has been organized according to the principles of New Work for many years. What does New Work mean in practice for each employee, for the team and for the company in general?

New Work definition

New Work defines a structural change in today’s working world, which has become indispensable due to digitalization and changes in human needs in order to ensure the future viability of a company. In this context, the core idea is for employees to focus on self-organization, a strengths-oriented mindset, personal responsibility, agility and, above all, flat hierarchies.

New Work is creating a completely new mindset for all employees in their daily business. The employees are continuously involved in entrepreneurial decisions and the focus is placed on their creativity in each case. This enables each employee to freely develop their potential for the company.

Jörg Schick, CEO Eticor

The reasons why our corporate culture is so particularly valuable according to New Work.

The intrinsic motivation of employees is cultivated and promoted by an authentic New Work culture. Thus, it is not only the key to a healthy and sustainable corporate culture, but also to shared success. Those who are enthusiastic about their work can inspire others in the same way and always find their way back to easiness, even in challenging situations.

The motto is ” Be better today than yesterday” – this is what makes a New Work organization so economically successful and allows it to grow steadily!

Jörg Schick
Lawyer / In-house lawyer / CEO Eticor

That’s the way we live New Work

We have high quality standards for ourselves, for our work and therefore always offer the highest quality in terms of digital compliance organization and professional customer service to our customers.

We love our New Work spirit and pass it on to our customers with enthusiasm. All elements of our New Work culture are the central pillars of our success and essential for the success of our customers. Jointly, we create an agile company organized according to New Work, in which respectful cooperation and communication at equal level are the basis of our actions.

For us, living New Work means continuously cultivating and developing the following elements in our daily business:

Compliance Management

How do New Work and compliance fit together?

Self-organization, which requires a high degree of discipline, forms the heart of the New Work concept. This creates a link to a successful compliance culture, whereby the aim is to bring values to life, implement them and thus not only avoid legal violations, but also actively implement values within the company.

Understanding compliance more broadly, a New Work organization is also “compliant” by the way employees complete their tasks. Thus, a digital compliance management system may help to sustainably implement one’s own values, to make them tangible, to promote collaborations and the exchange with each other.

The particularity of a New Work organization

Self-organization of employees is much more pronounced in a company organized according to New Work. On the one hand, this leads to more responsibility, but on the other hand, it also gives each individual more opportunities to develop, which makes an organization considerably more efficient.

Looking now at the structure of our internal team model, the particularity of our organization is the arrangement of the circles. Flat hierarchies enable each employee to work in a self-organized and strength-oriented manner, which ensures maximum agility, flexibility and transparency in the company.. As a result,each individual’s potential is used efficiently and maximized.

This allows managers to focus more on shaping the framework for self-organization and to put the priority on important strategic issues.