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Our service world-wide

We help you make your locations legally compliant, control international liability risks, and implement your quality standards and certifications consistently around the world.

International compliance with Eticor

Internationally operating companies with subsidiaries in different countries, suppliers, and customers abroad are exposed to increasing risks and requirements. The legal situation and the requirements to companies in an international context are intricate and complex. Whether referring to at the local level in the USA, technical regulations in southern Italy, or social matters in China, international compliance demands specific tasks with detailed descriptions, a good overview, and continuous updates.

The situation is similar with standards and certifications, e.g. according to ISO standards, which have to be implemented, maintained, and translated into the respective business context for internationally operating organizations.

Eticor helps you ensure legal compliance and quality worldwide.

Your advantages at a glance

Country and site-specific legal register

Global and continuous updating of legal content

Real-time global compliance status

International hosting and support

Multilingual user interface

Local contacts worldwide due to a large network of international alliance and specialist partners

Internationally organized locations with legal certainty

International network

Our international network of strong alliance and specialist partners enables our customers to successfully deploy the Eticor worldwide.

We are represented worldwide – find a selection of our alliance partners and subsidiaries below

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Our network of partners

In cooperation with our partners, we transform your company into a digital and legally compliant compliance organization.

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