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Legally compliant and time-saving

Do you have to devote a lot of resources for organizing your company in a legally compliant manner? We have the solution for efficient management of your compliance! Our compliance management software Eticor.

Compared to analog compliance management systems, compliance management software solutions offer many advantages.
These include, for example:

  • Simplification of the complexity of different sets of rules
  • Savings in time and thus costs due to automation
  • Higher acceptance by employees due to ease of use
  • Audit proof
  • Fast auditing of the compliance status

Learn more about the savings you can achieve in terms of time and costs if you choose our service and the Eticor.


The Implementation
Implement a legally compliant compliance management system in less than 60 hours.

Depending on the size of the company and the industry, the implementation of a compliance management system takes between 6 and 12 months (approx. 1518 working hours for the person responsible in the company). During this time, it is necessary to perform complex, time-consuming and responsible tasks, such as a company analysis, the elaboration of duties to act from the relevant regulations and the delegation of specific requirements.

Empirical values and customer surveys have shown that with our compliance management software Eticor and the services we offer, you invest only 60 working hours for the implementation phase. Together with our experienced compliance experts, develop the legal register tailored to your needs and save yourself months of work.

Maintaining the system
On average, you save 100 hours of working time per month.

In order to sustainably maintain a compliance management system and thus act in a legally compliant and audit-proof manner, numerous recurring activities are necessary. One of these is the need to ensure that all obligations to act are continuously up to date. The research work required for this in particular costs companies an immense amount of time. According to our survey, companies spent an average of 33 hours per month to keep all rules and regulations up to date. Documenting and administration took up an additional 24 hours per month. These activities alone accounted for over 35% of monthly work time. However, neither a necessary risk assessment nor evaluations or adjustments of the processes were carried out.

Using the Eticor software solution, on the other hand, only about 6 hours of work per month are necessary for your site manager/ Eticor project manager in order to meet all the administrative requirements that arise and thus to always act in a legally compliant manner. Regular updates are automatically imported into your databases. The traceable and central documentation of all employees enables an evaluation of the compliance status with one click and thus without any additional time expenditure. Overall, you can expect to save an average of 100 hours per month for your site managers. The low time expenditure pays off and creates free capacities.

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